Doolin Dolphin

Dusty The Doolin Dolphin

As of recently, Dusty the bottle nose dolphin has taken residents in Doolin beside the pier. Many people go swimming with the Dolphin, alongside the ferrys which go back and fourth to the Aran islands.  Dusty is a magnificent creature and it can be a fantastic experience to get in the water with the dolphin. The Dolphin should also be respected. She can be temperamental at times. She generally dislikes to be touched but is happy to swim beside you. If you have a camera, bodyboard or anything in the water with you she will probably try and take it off you! She likes her toys. Also be cautious of boats moving about in the water.

Dusty is a female dolphin and is believed to be about 12-14 years old. She is about 10ft long! She can often be seen around white strand, fanore and green island. So if your looking to swim with Dusty you can rent a wetsuit of us for just 5e so you can stay nice and toasty in the water.  You can find out more on our rentals page. So why not come down to Lahinch for some surfing lessons and visit dusty the dolphin in Doolin.

Here is photo of Dusty taken by the fabulous George Karbus. You can check out more of his photos at

Copyright George Karbus



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