Intermediate Surf Lessons

Intermediate Surf lessons  

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 Adults  €40  Students €35 & Kids €30

(Everything provided)

Intermediate surf lesson

So you are standing up and just cruising on your board towards the beach.. What next?

Now its time to start  carving up those waves with some turns.

Change boards and experiment with your approach. 

Our intermediate surf lessons are specifically designed to help you focus on the things you need to focus on so you can perfect your technique fast and move on to quicker boards.

You will have a selection of boards to choose from and once in the water your highly experienced instructor will assess where you’re at and guide you with specific pointers on technique to help you progress quickly.  

We have all the boards and all the gear you will need to make it to the next level but best of all  L.S.E surf instructors are some of the best in the business so stick with us and we’ll  have you chasing  barrels in no time 🙂


Adults  40 euro 

Students 35 euro 

Kids 30 euro

Click here to book your surf lesson now or call us for more info on 0851155743 

Intermediate surf lesson,Getting Barrelled in Lahinch

Getting Barrelled in Lahinch

Wild Antlic way surfing

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