Fergal Smith

Fergal Smith is widely regarded as one of the best heavy wave surfers in the world today. He has braved waves that few surfers will touch, and has become famous for scoring some of the heaviest, most fearsome waves on offer each year. He is one of the most exciting surfers to have come out of Europe in the past few years, and is steadily gaining fame the world over. Fergal is yet another example of Irelands ability to produce world-class surfers, especially big wave surfers. He has helped show the world what Ireland has to offer, and is constantly pushing the boundries of what is possible in our waters. Click here to see Ferg’s website or here to check out his blog. Enjoy! video and photos by Mickey Smith.

Fergal Deep in the Barrel at Rileys


Powers of Three….. from GodSavetheWind on Vimeo.

Fergal Smith surfing Aill Na Searrach (Aileens)

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